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I’m always thankful, but…

Sometimes I forget and really, really, underestimate how lucky and blessed I am…

Although i disagree with the luck bit, because everything’s only happened because of five things: hard work, determination, dedication, belief and gratitude. It’s sometimes slips my mind when i’m feeling deflated, but the amount of things, scenarios, events, experiences and most importantly… people i’m grateful for is more than enough, and quite frankly way more than I deserve. 

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Reflecting on the past can be hard…

But also highly enlightening, humbling & ultimately, powerful… It only further reaffirms the motivation & gratitude. 

You’re always stronger than you think you are, the proof is in how far you’ve come. It’s April 23rd today, and that on it’s own signals exactly a month until another important milestone… nine years in fact. I always get slightly nervous around this date, and it’s only now beginning to get slightly easier and less painful, I don’t know where that’s supposed to signal a new level of maturity or understanding for myself and my personal growth, but I know more than most, that there truly is a reason for everything.  Secrets will always bear heavy, but faith, prayers, determination and constant belief can get you through anything, absolutely anything and everything. If something is meant to be, it will be. I’ve always been a firm believer in that… well not always, but for almost a decade now - but i’m doing just fine now and I feel like i’m stronger than i’ve ever been but still not strong or brave enough, but i’ve learnt that that’s okay, it’ll all work out because, after all… everything’s already been written.


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Zoom Can I just go there already please. Thanks.

Can I just go there already please. Thanks.

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